We understand and appreciate curls!

The Curly Dry Cut

What are you?

  • Wavy
  • Classic Curly
  • Tight Coily
  • Tight Wavy (think fractal shapes, aka “Kinky Curly”)

Whether wavy, curly, or coily, we want you to enjoy and embrace the natural texture of your hair. We do so by respecting the curl pattern and cutting the hair dry, where it falls.

So, regardless of the variety of curl patterns on your head, your haircut will fall nicely and complement your features. 

Before specializing in curls, Parlour owner Andrea Bonawitz, found herself drawn to dry cutting techniques on straight, wavy, and curly hair alike. It enabled her to see hair in its true growth pattern, without the deceiving weight of water holding it down and condensing its size. So, when she started to get into intense curl training, it came as no surprise that dry cutting was the cornerstone of the curly cutting world. 

Changing the Way We Think of Curls

An entire generation of Boomers were raised on the idea of  grooming curls with a brush. Decades of misdirected beauty advertising regarded curls as “unfinished hair" and taught our children that they must "fix" their curls to look professional. After the “flat iron” craze of the early 2000s, it became obvious that there was a lack of professional industry knowledge on natural curls. 

Basically, curly content was not getting taught in hair schools and wasn't easily available to professionals. But, times are changing.  Believe it or not, 65%  or more of the population has curls. A new niche has evolved in the industry, the curly girl. She is hungry for support and using her online resources to get it. She is changing the way we think of curls. 

At Parlour, we understand why history and social attitude towards curls has lead to confusion and a host of bad hair experiences!! We completely understand why there might be just a TAD bit of emotional baggage for our curly clients as you attempt to navigate and research this topic on your own. That’s why we are here to help. Welcome to your new home. 

Wherever you are in your curl journey,
e invite you to meet us for a consult and help us improve the health of your curls.

Curly Client Stories

If you appreciate and embrace your natural beauty, you will always look your best and your daily styling routine will be much easier! 

This concept has proven true time and time again for every hair type, BUT we see it giving the MOST freedom to our curly guests.

Andrea established THIS simple philosophy as a young stylist and it has led to a loyal following. Why? Her clients become confident in both how to style their hair and which styles to choose for an easy grow out experience.

WATCH  the video above to learn about the New Client Curly Experience-

how long it takes,

how to come prepared,


how long of a wait you can expect when you are booking for the first time.

How Booking Works

Step 1:
Take the Booking Quiz

New Parlour clients, please take the appropriate booking quiz to establish which services are right for you.

Step 2:
Book Appointment

Request an appointment online.

We will be in touch within 3 business days of receiving your online request to help you schedule a consultation with your stylist!

Step 3:
Schedule Your Consult

A New Client Curl Consult will be scheduled 2-4 weeks before your first hair cut. In-person or via video chat consults offered.

We can’t wait to meet you!

*New Client Consultation Policy*

Consult required for New Clients requesting Curl Services, Color Services, or Bridal Styling. Style, shape, and texture analysis completed. Timing and price estimates given. 

Online requests are pending approval until Consult has been booked.

Still have questions?

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