High quality.
Highly creative.
Highly collaborative.

We get to know you for you, and help you present the best version of yourself.

Welcome to Parlour, an intimate boutique experience where you will be seen, heard, and known for who you are.

Each client is completely unique.


Have you had a bad salon experience in the past that makes you hesitate? Especially if you have curls? 

Do you see your hair color like a tattoo-- an intimate, personal art that represents you?

Are you trying to embrace your ageless beauty, but frustrated by a greying process that doesn’t quite seem to represent who you are? A creative, youthful being who is open to new ideas.


At Parlour, we will take the time to get to know YOU before we touch your hair or make recommendations. We view your hair as the major accessory to your overall style. Are you ready to work with an hair artist that can both educate and collaborate with you?

Starting with your initial consultation, we record notes after all your appointments. This allows us to build upon each service by suggesting relevant changes that will constantly meet your needs.

By taking this highly personal approach, we have spent years listening carefully to our clients and developing a menu that represents you: 

Parlour is a gem worth discovering.

Parlour is a hidden gem. Situated in a historic mansion at the intersection of Rochester's three most popular neighborhoods (Park Ave, NOTA, and East End), Parlour is a boutique studio salon known for thorough consultations, natural curl services, precision cuts, and creative color services in a relaxed atmosphere.

Home to AB Image Consulting, Parlour also serves as a seasonal classroom space for group and individual lessons on hair, makeup, and wardrobe topics.

We LOVE our clients! They are the heartbeat of this city and range from hipsters to home-makers, from office professionals to creative entrepreneurs. We invite you to stop by, have a drink on us, and discover what makes Parlour a word-of-mouth Rochester favorite.

Natural Curl Specialist, Deva Certified
Creative Color Specialist

As owner/stylist, Andrea’s vision is to help each person capture their distinct style identity as a WHOLE, from head to toe. Her approach is kind, yet direct.



Advanced Colorist
Bridal Stylist

It is Haley’s quality work, coupled with her easy-going engaging demeanor, that brings clients back time and time again.