Wardrobe Consulting

Do you have the confidence to intentionally define yourself ? Do you want the confidence? Right, this way…

All wardrobe services are based on finding that happy place where your personal style meets dressing for your body shape. Learn to refresh, reclaim, and re-define your wardrobe.

Group lessons, private lessons, and private packages available upon request.

Coaching Topics

• Identifying Wardrobe Essentials
• Cleansing & Organizing Your Closet
• Creating a Capsule Wardrobe
• Dressing for Your Style & Body Shape
• Dressing for Pregnancy: During & After
• Shopping Online & In-Store
• Shopping for Full Sized Figures
… and more

Theresa Cavuoto

"Andrea is the whole package!! She is a talented hair stylist, unbelievable make-up artist and amazing personal consultant! 

I have had the privilege of benefitting from her expertise in each of these areas over the past 5+ years. I guarantee, you will not be disappointed!"

Theresa Dickens Cavuoto

Nurse, Mother of 3, Grandma