Meet Andrea

Andrea Bonawitz

What drives Andrea as a stylist and salon owner? 

Andrea’s vision is to help each person capture their distinct style identity as a WHOLE, from head to toe. Her approach is kind, yet direct, 

 “I have had the privilege of seeing people of all backgrounds at their most vulnerable - without the mask of hair, makeup, or layers of clothing. I respect each person’s need to tell the world who they are using their image. Inspired by color, texture, and modern vintage trends, join me as I make style simple and fun.”

Andrea established a simple philosophy as a young stylist. In her own words,

 “If you appreciate, embrace, and enhance your natural beauty, you will always look your best and your daily styling routine will be much easier.”

Over the last 15 years, this method has led to a loyal following of people confident in both how to style their hair daily and what they can expect as a beautiful “grow out” process between services..

When not working directly with individual clients, Andrea enjoys teaching bonus client classes at the Rochester Brainery, taking modern dance class, vintage shopping, and soaking in the sun with her young family- her husband, 2 kiddos, and 2 very playful hound pups.

Salon Owner.

Natural Curl Specialist, Deva Certified.

Creative Color Specialist.

Personal Image Consultant & Style Coach.

Educator ...and life-long student of image.


"I have thick curly/wavy hair. Her DevaCurl cuts constantly bring out the best in my curls. She also colors my hair, ranging from highlights to all-over-color (yikes, gray coverage now!).  I am never disappointed with how rich the color turns out and how she manages to "get" the look I'm aiming for. 

Andrea is worth the money you're spending on her services. The attention to detail, creativity and sheer skill makes her not only a hairstylist but a real artist."

Kelly Q.

Lawyer, Mother of 4 (including twins)


"The level of consultation is unmatched. Our time together is always fun, but she never veers from her professionalism. Andrea is a true master at her trade. My hair is completely customized and ridiculously easy to maintain at home (oh... and sassy as hell)."

Melissa Rapini French

Permanent Makeup Artist

Alice B

"As a natural red-head in my early thirties I've been struggling with losing the striking red of my youth to an increasing amount of white. Looking natural has always been so important to me.

I felt so supported, beautiful, and understood in the process - and now my hair looks and feels amazing! She found the exact color red and blended it so naturally that I actually feel like myself again."

Alice Ball

Librarian, New Momma

"Andrea has been my stylist for more than 4 years. She offers options and recommendations if you are indecisive. If you have your own vision, she is able to dial-in to what you want and delivers. I am, and my husband, too, are always pleased with the cut, and especially, the color!"


"Andrea is a fantastic stylist - I have truly never had a better cut. She listens closely to what you want as a customer, and she offers her own insights (hard-earned knowledge after years in a variety of salon settings and from extensive training). She is also just a generally wonderful person to spend some time with while pampering yourself - she knows the local area well, has great tips on what to do/where to eat, and will also share gems of wisdom on fashion."

Jackie M

Social Work, Professor

"She understood what I wanted and explained to me how the hair style I chose could be altered to better frame my face shape. Her knowledge of curls and hair in general was very comforting. This is the first time I've truly felt at ease geting my curly hair cut."

Jenna Hollis

Former Military