Celebrating Grey

Are you curious about  “going grey”?  Or, perhaps, you are simply sick of being chained to the standard "4 week retouch" grey coverage appointment? We hear you!

We want to give back your time, freedom, and flexibility when it comes to your color services. We are excited to offer a variety of grey color alternatives which do NOT lead to a hard, obvious regrowth lines when the natural hair starts to grow out. Our specialized Colorists are well versed in consultations, coloring techniques, and color formulations to help you embrace your grey/white/silver hair without harsh bleach processes or 12 hour color corrections.

Grey Grow-Out Support & Services

We help you transition from full coverage color to lower maintenance options...this included the option to “go grey,” aka all natural

Grey Blending Services

We camouflage the grey while keeping the coloring plan low maintenance.

Grey Enhancement Services

Embrace it. Draw attention to it. Make the white and grey sparkle.

Feeling Misunderstood?

We hear these sorts of comments a lot from New Guests:

“My stylist just didn’t understand me. I tried to explain that I wanted to embrace my grey, and she just didn’t seem into it or comfortable with the idea.”
Sound familiar? Or, often we get,
“I tried to ask a stylist to take me grey and I ended up with THIS [a warm blonde].”

Story after story, women seek us out after an unpleasant experience with a fellow stylist who may be stuck in the stagnant, “youth defines beauty” mindset. We hear you.

You are beautiful at every age/stage. We know you want to appreciate your beauty for who you are right now. We will help you embrace your current,  grey beauty, to the fullest.

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The Parlour Process

Ready to work with a hair stylist that can advise and collaborate with you?


Step 1:

Take the New Client Quiz

Help us learn about you and your hair goals. Quiz results will recommend next steps for booking and and match you with a stylist who is a good fit.


Step 2:

Book Your New Client Consultation*

A consultation is reserved time for you and your stylist to get to know each other and schedule your first hair appointment. Each stylist offers different ways to connect including video consult, email, or in-person.


Step 3:

Meet Your Stylist

Your stylist wants to see your hair, ask specific questions, and may assemble a customized Detox Kit to help you prep your hair for your upcoming appointment.

*Consultations are typically paid, 1:1 sessions. A $50 Consult Fee is required at time of booking for Color, Curly Cut, and Formal Styling Services.

*New Guest Appointments are announced/released to the New Client VIP Waitlist mailing list the first week of each month, 3 days prior to announcing on social media.

*New Guest Appointment availability is limited each month and may not be offered on months with less bookable hours
(ie. major holiday season, vacation season, maternity leave, etc)

Wherever you are in your grey journey,
we invite you to meet us for a consult and create a low maintenance game plan for your hair.

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“Going grey” or “going natural”  is an exciting prospect… but, it can also be intimidating…  all the “what-ifs”. What if...

  • ...I want my grey covered but still want to appear natural (no the harsh regrowth line)... is this possible?
  • ...My white doesn’t grow in evenly?
  • ...I grow my hair out to my natural color and I don’t like it?
  • ...I look older?

It’s OK! Take a beat. We will help you create a game plan (and we can pivot if you change your mind). Whether you are looking for a big transformation, subtle grey blending, or elegant grey enhancement, we can collaborate with you to create a game plan for you.

What Makes Our Process Different?

Premium Results

  • NO orange, “brassy” fade. We use gentle, non-lifting color formulations. This means their will not be an orange or “brassy” glow left behind when the color pigments inevitably fade.
  • Subtle Regrowth. Our Color Specialists are versed in color formulation & application techniques to imitate and blend grey. Our process creates minimal regrowth lines as color pigments fade.
  • Gentle Chemicals. We are KIND to the hair. We use the gentlest colors & methods possible to achieve your desired results and leave the hair in excellent shape.

Progressive, Improving Results

We use your preferences from the first color application to formulate for even better results at the second appointment, and so forth.

Supportive, Holistic Approach

  • Getting To Know You. We recommend cut and color combos to promote elegant appearances, minimize problematic areas, and  accent your face shape & personal style. (We want to avoid the pitfalls of white/grey hair appearing unintentional, sparse, or scraggly, aka “witchy”.)
  • Strategy & Support. After we have created a plan and completed your first appointment, we are continue to be available for support (email, text, free consults) throughout the process.
  • Local Referrals. We can offer makeup up, color, & styling suggestions. We refer all our clients to get a personal color analysis with Kerry Jones at Indigo Tones (before OR after they begin the process of transitioning to grey).

All Ages, All Shades

Grey hair love is not an age-specific or skin-tone specific issue. We are happy to work with you regardless of age, skin tone, or the amount of grey/white/silver you currently have.

Still have questions?