Caring About Your Image is Not…


Caring about your image is NOT…

…a reflection of superficiality.

I love the Image Industry. It is so visual. Some scoff at the superficial tendencies that it has. I get that, yet I am a really down to earth person and I am IN IT, deep. How does that work?

…for people who lack intelligence.

You see, image/fashion can be a barometer for the economy and the mood of society; it can be a source for inspiration. Behind the scenes, it remains a very real, tangible experience, that allows the wearer to use adornment to affect how others perceive them. It is incredibly socially intelligent to understand these components and use them to your advantage.

…exclusively for people with time / money / beauty.

Fashion can also be fun, basically dress-ups for grown ups. And a cavalier approach to fashion CAN waste time, money, and favor natural beauty… But, it’s so much more than that.

When you are focused and you are directing your own path, your image tells the world who you are, and who you will be… and you are no longer pretending. You are empowering.

I believe in reaching each client, in making fashion both fun as well as functional. I want everyone to experience that spark of excitement that happens when you see yourself from a different point of view and take ownership of who you are, from the inside out.