5 Minute Makeup Miracle for Moms and Busy People

Black Beauty With Perfect Skin

All you busy women out there, it’s ok, you can admit it. Sometimes, there is hardly time to catch a breath, let alone apply makeup. Moms, business women, go-getters…You can hardly squeeze in time to shower; you’re thrilled if your legs got shaved. You apply lip gloss and mascara in the car. Why? Because lipstick and mascara are becoming standard in your console.

TIME is and was ALWAYS of the ESSENCE. Being productive leaves little time for fluff. Being a mom requires more multi-tasking than you ever knew you could handle. While I am personally JUST entering that phase of my life, I began experiencing the desire to create more time when I opened my own business (my first baby!). TIME is the hardest thing to manage. You have no time to waste.

So, today I am going to share with you moms, mom-prenuers, savvy business gals, and makeup minimalists MY TIPS to a quick 5 Minute Makeup Miracle for fresh, natural, day wear makeup MINUTE-BY-MINUTE.

NOTE: I do not condone you doing this WHILE driving, but, hell, we know some of you are going to anyway. So please, USE stoplights!!


Lip / cheek stain give a natural glow.

Minute 1: Lip / Cheek Tint

 Apply on freshly hydrated skin and USE a SPONGE for blending on cheeks.

Product Hint: The Body Shop’s is great, due to the easy no-spill applicator. Much easier when juggling multiple tasks.

Minute 2: Foundation or Cc Cream

Cc Cream is a wonder worker, double duty product, adding both hydration AND color to the skin. GREAT to use when you are in a total rush and have NO TIME for pre-applying moisturizer.

Foundation is a better option when more coverage is desired.

White eyeliner in the inner corner and brow arches helps brighten the eyes and make them appear larger.

Minute 3: Liner

White and natural toned dark. 

For small/narrow set eyes: a dab of white liner in the inner corners of the eye and below the arch of the brow. Blend with finger. Darker liner in the outer corners of the eye.

For large/wide set eyes: dark, natural toned liner on the top and old bottom of the entire eye. White below arches of brows.

For deep set eyes or eyes with dark circles: white liner on lower lash line, dark on upper. White below the arch of the brow. No dark liner or mascara on lower lash line.

Minute 4: Concealer

Spot treat as needed.

Use lighter than foundation under eye, same color as foundation on the face. 


Light concealer brightens below the eye; primer with mascara on the UPPER lash line ONLY will disguise dark circles, and avoid mascara fall-out below the eye throughout a LONG day.

Minute 5: Primer & Mascara

Apply primer – the white or clear base coat that plumps, holds, and avoids the super dry feeling all day long.

Apply mascara of choice.